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Welcome to Magen Security of CT

Magen Security is owned and operated by Israeli security experts who worked for Israeli government. Our top employees are experienced in I.D.F Special forces. To provide the best services for your clients Magen Security is networking with FBI, CT State Police, and local law enforcement agencies. What makes us unique is the way we train our staff. We employ the Israeli military technique and knowledge on how to deal with threats.


Magen Security of Connecticut is a licensed and insured security company. Magen Security services are available in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, nationwide and internationally.
Our officers are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerism, aptitude and skills. All of our officers endure complete and thorough background checks, criminal record and fingerprint checks. Our intense preparation and training encompasses hypothetical and practical coursework that focus on Gold Standards in the Protection Industry.


Magen Security of Connecticut is committed to the highest standards of Connecticut and New York Security Guards Companies service. We believe that security is a serious task whereby adaptable solutions must be wisely deployed to address dynamic challenges and to counter reasonably foreseeable risks. Under this operational philosophy, ACCURATE RISK ASSESSMENT, PROFESSIONAL JUDGMENT, STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES and HIGH QUALITY STAFF are essential for attaining effective security.


Magen Security of Connecticut recruits experienced security officers, security guards, building security guards and Gated community security guards. All of our guards are licensed in the state of deployment and undergo extensive, pre-employment, background screening unlike many security guard companies.

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Letter from the CEO

Dear client,
Since the dawn of time security was vital to protecting life and property. The more you have at stake the more security you need. Magen Security is unique in the way of analyzing and performing security tasks. My experience in IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) Special Forces and many years in security business including working for Israeli Government enable me to command and execute missions and tasks put before me.

My upbringing in Israel taught me to stay alert and ready at all times. This kind of mentality became my second nature. In my company I train and educate my employees to ensure they are ready to perform tasks requested by you the client. My employees are the backbone of the company. I believe that direct communication and planning with all the employees of my company will ensure better services to you the client.

I’m personally involved in all operations of my company. Security is not just business for me; it’s my passion. My pledge to you is that Magen Security will never sacrifice service for growth and will never outgrow the fundamental characteristics of thoroughness, responsiveness, accessibility, and agility. From the office receptionist to my company’s CEO, Magen Security’s management staff is available to you at all times.

Eyal Vita.

Letter from the CEO
Our Services Include
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