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Executive Protection And Bodyguards

Today's world is a place where the need for protection has increased dramatically. Many global executives and other high profile individuals are faced with unprecedented risks. Magen Security of Connecticut understands the need of high level of security planning, coordinating and management for our clients. We offer full range of VIP and executive protection designed to minimize risk and keep you safe at all times in discreet and professional manner. Magen Security agents are highly competent and qualified for security needs set before them. All of our bodyguards, have being trained and worked in top units of the Israeli and US army Special Units and in various security branches of Israeli government. 
Magen Security Bodyguards are multilingual, allowing us to offer International protection services with ease. We work in many parts of the world and offer executive protection through quality security services, as well as providing executive protection to public figures, the heads of states and private individuals.
Our special agents have organizational abilities as well as experience in handling all kinds of security tasks. They are retrained on regular bases to refresh their skills in shooting, fighting and Israeli Krav Maga technique. When you hire Magen Security of Connecticut, we’ll mach our officers with your security needs, ensuring that you receive quality protection at all times, anywhere.

Executive Bodyguards
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