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Commercial Security Guards

Magen Security of Connecticut has professionally trained staff for any type of organization to provide the client the best innovations in Security Solutions. Each of our Security officers is trained on site so that they are prepared to handle any incident that may occur while they are on post. Magen Security has 24 hr supervising to assist and support in case of emergency to ensure excellent service. We also provide trained security officers for Reception/Concierge Services as well as guards for schools and learning centers. Some of our reception Services include monitoring access of employees, contractors and visitors to facility. We'll issue badges, maintain logs, screen bags and packages, and give directions. Our officers can function as a hotel concierge as well as control access to the buildings through lobby areas. Our Clients are our assets. Magen Security will do everything to ensure that environment for your employees and visitors are safe and secure.


Retail Security And Loss Prevention

Every year retail businesses are losing money due to theft and lack of loss prevention systems. Magen Security of Connecticut will evaluate potential risks and will provide you with advanced technology and security surveillance team which will dramatically decrease shoplifting and employee theft. Many stores reported improvement in their net revenue thanks to Magen Security of Connecticut skilled manpower and technology. Our staff members have skills, knowledge and experience in conducting interviews, guarding property, apprehending suspects, and completing investigations. Magen Security of Connecticut will make a difference.

maenusa consulting

Magen Security Consulting Services

The straightforward and realistic assessment in workplace, travel and home is more important than ever. Our professional security advisors offer security consulting, a process that involves the identification of existing security risks. Unlike other security companies Magen Security of Connecticut will think outside the box. We'll make clear risk assessment than will analyze it to determine the specific security needs of the client to address those needs using innovative electronic and/ or physical security solutions which reasonably reflect on client’s existing budget.

magenusa house of worship

Houses Of Worship And Synagogues

Its a fact that extremists and other hate groups target Houses of Worship mainly Synagogues and Churches, where the large number of people are vulnerable while gathering together for High Holidays, special events, or weekly services. Magen Security of Connecticut is uniquely qualified to handle this kind of threat. We are armed with experience and knowledge of Israeli antiterrorist technique, crowd profiling and physical security management. We provide air tight security for you and your congregation. Please contact us for Risk Assessment and Consulting and we’ll show you how things should be done.

magenusa residentil

Residential & Gated Community Security

At Magen Security of Connecticut we take pride at delivering first class services to owners and residents of condominiums, co-ops and rental communities. Our doormen, lobby, front gate attendants, and concierges are polished professionals who are attentive and personable. They know how to screen visitors, workers and messengers without making anyone uncomfortable. They will ensure the safety of your tenants, pay prompt attention to the mail, packages, and handle emergency situations and many more. Every location and site has a Magen Security log book; we'll provide sign in sheets and will document all visitors. We're experienced in operating CCTV systems. We can provide you with our services within 24 hrs of request. Your piece of mind and comfort is one phone call away.

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Special Events

Weddings, Bar- mitzvah, exclusive parties, fundraising, conventions, celebrations, meetings often involve high profile individuals who need added protection. We have experience in planning and executing security solutions for large scale events. Providing high standard, first class services for any type of event is our specialty. Magen Security of Connecticut believes in advanced planning, and diplomatic, yet firm responses to security challenges. Our event safety & conference security service is constructed upon Israeli methodology: crowd profiling and physical security management is implemented to ensure maximum security measures are enforced. Efficient communications with event planners and local law enforcement, when necessary, ensures piece of mind for you and your guests.

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