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Magen Security Private Investigations

Magen Security's Private Investigators are experienced professionals who know that each case is unique and presents different challenges. Our clients are private individuals as well as corporations who need to detect various fraud cases, background screening, tracking assets and goods, vendor screening etc. Magen Security agents will provide 24 hrs surveillance, we can install video and audio surveillance devices in order to present evidence in the court of law. We conduct the investigations in Connecticut, nationwide and on global scale, video documenting and recording subject's activities. 
Our PI division staff has years of experience investigating variety of cases. Majority of them come from careers within law enforcement agencies and/or they possess a highly trained military background. Meanwhile, some of our PI agents have backgrounds that make them extremely versed in: 

  • Law 

  • Finance 

  • Accounting 

  • Management consulting 

  • Information technology 

We also handle the sensitive cases such as Marital Infidelity, Missing Person, Family affairs. Magen Security agents are trained to think outside the box so the results are accurate and immediate. 
Having the right investigator could mean difference between success and failure.

Private Investigations
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